About Us

Director Desk
Dear Parents & Prospective Students,

The Frequency Physics Classes is an organization whose roots of inception emanated from a noble idea of providing quality education to JEE / Medical aspirants in their own native state of Bihar. I am extremely delighted to convey that Frequency Classes has been able to accomplish the task of serving the student community of Bihar with its unique expertise and has fulfilled the dreams of several JEE / Medical aspirants.

The talent and the energy which our students possess need to be nurtured, shaped and channeled in the right direction. Our combined efforts would bring out not only the best in their careers, but the best in their lives. In this way we hope to support not only individuals but also the entire society from which we all benefit.

I would like to thanks all the students and their parents for the patronage and trust shown in us. Also, I extend invitation to those students to be a part of team of achievers for whom hard -work is a passion and success is their ambition.

Servejeet Sir
Co-Founder & Director